There are many thousands of Healing Spirits of Light that work at the Casa de Dom Inacio. These spirits are referred to as "The Entities" by those at the Casa. The word for "spirit" is the same as the word for "entity" in portuguese. The Entities of the Casa are highly evolved spirits who are very familiar with emotional, mental, physical and spiritual disease and their mission is to help humanity through the work of John of God. Only one of these Entities can incorporate in the physical body of John of God at any given time, but there are many others that are giving their time and energy to the work during a Casa session and beyond.

The patron of the Casa is St Ignatius of Loyola (aka Dom Inacio) who founded the Society of Jesus (also known as the Jesuits). St Francis Xavier assisted in expanding the Jesuits in Asia. The four primary spirit doctors that incorporate in John of God are Dr. Augusto de Almeida, Dr. Oswaldo Cruz, Dr. Jose Valdevino and Dr. Jose Pentiado. There are a total of 46 spirit entities that have incorporated in John of God during a session. It is not unusual for several Entities to show up during a single session, switching in and out without being noticeable.

Some of the pictures are replicated from paintings donated to the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil. Prints are available for purchase from the Casa bookstore in Brazil or online via the Casa Photographer Karen Leffler at www.johnofgodphotos.com



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