"Innovative counseling opens the doorway to unlimited possibility and allows you to confidently walk through to create more desirable things to happen in your life." ~Rev. Kathleen L. Dixon 

"Spiritual Counseling Assists you to see from a new perspective based on spiritual principles."~Rev. Kathleen L. Dixon

If you are at a turning point in your life,  and don't know which way to turn,
I offer you spiritual counseling and alternative solutions
which will awaken you to see the beauty, talent and creativity inside of you.

We all deserve to see those qualities in ourselves.  

     We all go through times when we are feeling lost, empty, lonely and hopeless. Sometimes we are just afraid. 
Sometimes we are facing health issues that cause our life to change.

    Who am I? Why am I here? What is my life about.  These are universal questions, but we all ask them at some point in our life.  We are trying to understand and find our pathway in life.   

We all want to walk our pathway with knowledge, confidence and high self esteem. We all aspire to make our decision form a center of peace, wisdom and radiate a quiet assurance of who we are.

   A spiritual counseling  session by email, Skype, in person or telephone will enable you to obtain answers to questions and/or concerns
that are unanswered inside of you. 

  • Spiritual counseling sessions are a confidential way to offer my clients guidance to facilitate them in finding peace, comfort and solutions. 

  • Spiritual guidance may give you insight to pathways and situations that are uncertain to you. 

  • Spiritual counseling may quiet thoughts that are disturbing you and creating anxiety.

  • Spiritual counseling will give you hope, peace and an alternative way of looking at situations. 

  • Spiritual counseling is certain to assist you and enlighten hope in your heart. 

  • Spiritual Counseling assists  you in taking a positive step towards change.

  • Spiritual counseling sessions can turn your life around to a positive direction, enriching you with the tools necessary to realize your true potential. Spiritual counseling offers you support, on-point guidance ad insight.

  • Spiritual counseling assist you to see from a new perspective based on spiritual principles

  • Spiritual counseling is geared to power you from within so that you can live a life of freedom grounded in the truth about who you really are

  • Innovative Spiritual Counseling gives you the tools to take action when facing challenges, rather than react to them

  • Spiritual counseling assists you to create a life of balance with direction and purpose.

  • Spiritual counseling sessions will aid you in making confident decisions about your life.

  • It will assist you in discovering solutions and creativity that are within you.

  • Empower you from within so that you can live a life of freedom grounded in the truth about who you really are.

If traditional methods have not sparked the hope that lies within you, then try a Spiritual Counseling Session.

  Allow my healing touch to assist you across the bridge to peace.


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