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Re: Angel Blessings by Cards for Julie


I can't thank you enough. All of these areas need to be addressed in my life, I absolutely know this. It is so good we speak the same language, you remind me to be the best version of myself. That version is always there, I just get lost, forget, distracted, etc., for periods of time.

There is a lot of useful information here to help me with where i am now, and how i will find my way to where i need to be geographically and professionally. You really struck some chords here.

I could not access my aol, sometimes i get hacked and the hackers send spam, AOL closes my acct for a while till i argue my way back through their very polite employees.

So I am so sorry it took this long to access my account, as timing is key. Still all is helpful and as you said, I need to really read this and think about this every day until i am on course again.

 You are beautiful

Thank You with all my heart



Jade Taylor []
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Thank you so much for providing me with so much detailed information. I am forever grateful and I realize I am on the right path, and I have been desperately seeking answers from the Divine and he provided an angel. Twice in one day, I was on another show on BTR and Life Coach Ade shared some words of knowledge with me also. Again I am truly grateful for you and God sending you and I'd love to keep in touch to keep you abreast on my spiritual journey. May God Bless you and Keep you Love Jade your Sister

Jade Taylor  

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Oh no feel free to post..  And you can use my name. So others may be blessed... I don't mind at all. It's the least I can do. Also, you were so blessed to have been taught by Michael Bernard Beckwith, he and his wife are so beautiful inside and out. Keep in touch.. And I'll share a link on FB, my friends here at home aren't as open as I am, anything not bible based is demonic. Just not open enough.

Jade Taylor 

...a gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials...


Thank you so much, Kathleen.  This brought me to tears several times.  These were all messages I needed to hear.  In several cases I was aware of what was being mentioned, so it hit home pretty good.  I am going to give it some time, as I am at work, and then I am going to start over and read it all again.  I will also read and think about it when I get home and don't have distractions.

This is a great gift.  It is going to help me get to where I have been trying to get.  I truly appreciate you doing this for me.  It means more to me than words can convey.

Bless you, Kathleen~



Dear Kathleen:

I received  the Angel Card Blessing by Card  via email with much love! It is a bit more accurate than I would ...Each time I re-read, I get a new insight...:)
Again, you are welcome to post on The Paradise Paradigm....and I would like to also let others know about your passion for helping ...I will post it there for you ~ along with a glowing recommendation...:)
Thank- you so much for your time and gift.  Thank-you again for the beautiful messages and for sharing your Light so graciously.  I stand behind my words, so feel free to use my name if you wish.

Lynn Anne Hollingsworth (Facebook page is Paradise Paradigm)


Please do use my feedback if you wish. As long as I am anonymous I have no issue with you putting it on your site or referring to it when you need to.

Hi Kathleen, sorry for taking so long in getting back to you but I have been crazy busy. Nevertheless, I want to thank you again for the ACR.

Here is my feedback - I thought it was detailed and informative. Your explanations and instructions were clear and for me they were necessary. You see, I am like a kid in a candy store when I am excited about something. I find it hard to stay focused and on task but your instruction and explanations allowed me to stay focused

Your reading is interesting and has lead me to start reflecting on who I am and what it is that I really want in this lifetime. I believe that I am a spiritual person and have faith - I do pray and when I stop for periods of time I feel like things are not right. Your reading has awakened my awareness with respect to certain things and has allowed me to refocus and start purposefully praying again.

 I hope this helps and makes sense. Thanks again for doing this. Hope all is well with you.

An Anonymous Man


Dear Kathleen,

Thank you so much for your insightful and thorough reading.  I am so very grateful.  What you said resonates deeply, especially the message that you shared that you received last year. (I cried).  Thank you so much for sharing.

Perhaps our paths will cross in the future. 

Yes, I have been full of self-doubt and unbelief.  I had a big break through this morning while in an infrared sauna, I found that part of me that could break through the fear and remember my Divinity.  I feel that you were a partner in this for me.  

The Angel of Awareness is beautiful, thank you for sharing.  I have reread your message several times and I will several more.  It is nice to have it in writing so that I can revisit it over and over as necessary. 

Thank you for being a Light unto the Truth and for showing up when I needed you most.

Let me know if there is something that I can do for you some time.

In Spirit & With Aloha,

Lizz Christed

@SpiritualTeachR Thank you so much 4 the reading, Kathleen! you are tremendously gifted & your words of hope & clarity were right on time.
Lizz Christed


August 28, 2010:  I went to hear Kathleen speak as a keynote speaker, the debut of her point of view, her spiritual call to action, her  bringing together those who were in some serious pain. It was an incredible experience. She was sharp in her french vanilla suit, black tank top, black patent leather shoes, hair pulled back, and wearing reading glasses. She had prepared text and scripture. She composed and read a three page prayer. On the last page she began to preach, you could hear it in her voice. She closed her eyes and began to rhythmically hit the side of the pulpit. We all got excited, and there was some shoutin' going on. You could tell a lot of sincere thought and preparation went into her presentation.

We were in a church that was a converted garage. The place was clean,

the bathroom was beautiful. If it held 30 members, it was close to capacity.  The co-founder of the church was a childhood friend and confidant of Kathleen's from her childhood. She also had a spiritual call to action.

Before being introduced, it was clearly reiterated that Kathleen's approach was New Age.  It was stated that her thought process was different and non-traditional, and worthy giving a platform to be heard.

I have lived with and through the bulk of Kathleen's grief and loss times. In her speech she was open, candid, brutally honest about her experiences and vulnerable. But she had a profound and cathartic effect on her audience. A young mother who lost her only son two years ago wept the whole time she was sitting in the pew. When Kat was finished speaking, there wasn't a dry eye in the house, Linda (Kat's childhood friend called for anyone in pain to come up. She asked me and another lady to stand beside her. I looked over and saw the young mother was about to explode. I beckoned to her to come to me. She came up and the tears started to flow heavier.

At some point all 10 of us were surrounding her in a group hug. She went into a tirade of hurt, anger and tears that was huge. When it was all over she thanked Katleen saying she had never cried or released so much of her feelings since her son died and how much Kathleen had touched her and gave her hope.

This woman is genuine in her current mission. To spread the word from the dictionary of her heart and encyclopedia of her life in order to help others find relief in this cruel world. 

I want to say I was so proud to be there as her friend. Proud to know her and to get some healing from her for my grief and loss.

 I just had to let you all know about her first speaking engagement. I hope all of you get a chance to see and hear her in action, for she has truly has been called to action.

B. Eldridge
Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

August 14, 2009:  12:18 p.m.  While at work a friend of a friend telephoned to tell me that Gracie was in hospice care.  Immediately, I contacted Kathleen and asked her to pray with me for Gracie.  Kathleen responded: "I connected to her right way.  Gracie doesn't have too long, she is dying now and she is not alone. I will tell her that it is okay to go.  There are spirits waiting there to take her away.  She is peaceful and her breathing is very low.  Let us say to Gracie. We now let the love wash over you, as you make your transformation from life to death.  As you shuffle off the mortal soil, we know that you are going to another dimension of life and that the place is already prepared for you where you will continue to live.  We claim here and now perfect peace, light, love and joy for you as you shed off the mortal body and step into your glorious spirit.  You were kind, helpful and loving.  A very compassionate soul, you will continue your journey now in the next dimension.  Reach out your hand they are waiting to walk with you.  You have many family members there and saying good-bye is okay.  Your work is finished here now and you be in peace...Your family and friends here will always love you and remember the legacy you left.  So now my Gracie. we let the love wash over you, we let it be and so it is."  

Kathleen said ďI spoke those gentle words to Gracie and I am praying as well". 


3:57 p.m. I got a phone call, Gracie had passed away. 


The next day I told Kathleen Gracie passed away. She told me that Gracie was happy now and encased in gold light.  I was at peace and I knew in my heart that Gracie was also at peace. I thanked Kathleen for her loving caring heart.


Kathleen is a very powerful source of spirituality for the sick and the dying. I believe she served as a guide to help Gracie transition into the next life.


Lynn S.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


When my mother was dying in the hospital, I called Kathleen in California and told her my mother had been in a car accident.  I told her my mother was on life support and I did not know if my mother wanted that.  I consulted with Kathleen for over two hours.  She flew to Atlanta to be with me and my family.  We went to the hospital to see my mother and upon walking in the room Kathleen explained to me that my mother did not want the life support, but that my brother was not ready to let her go and in time he would understand what to do.  She stayed with me and my family for a week bringing us comfort and making sure we were taken care of during this stressful time.  She was such a ray of light to me during this tough time watching my mother make her transition from life to death.  My brother did understand what to do and all the life support was stopped.  Kathleen's words and visions during this time will never be forgotten.  I knew my mother was at peace and I knew all was well because the things Kathleen shared with me I knew her words were from God and I will always be grateful for the loving special care she gave to me, my mother and family.  She kept hope alive in our hearts and kept us focused on the life my mother lived.  My mother was surrounded by love when she died. That was quite a few years ago.  But I will never forget the loving assistance to my family.  The unconditional love Kathleen gave to my mother and my family.  Kathleen is a powerful and insightful person.  She is gifted and a source of peace. 

K. Walker,
Atlanta, Georgia

January 2009: 

Early one morning the phone rang in the midst of my private meditation. I heard Kathleenís voice when I answered. There was urgency in her speech, 'they said you have to forgive yourself about the money'. Kathleen did not know that Iíd just prayed about my current financial situation. She did not know that I had asked the question why. And she certainly did not know about the trauma Iíd experienced with a big financial crisis in my past. Clearly, there was an answer being provided that I could not hear. Kathleen heard the answer without knowing anything else and she conveyed it to me. That message helped me understand the block around my financial abundance." 

This only describes a portion of what Kathleenís capabilities encompass. Iíve experienced and witnessed the scope of her talents on many different occasions. With certainty, based on personal experience, I honestly believe that Kathleen is mystic, psychic, a proven intermediary and messenger for spirits of love and light.


Eva T., Orlando, Florida

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