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The Exclusive Spiritual Discussion Club provides you with confidential monthly guidance via email once a month which will enable you to obtain answers to questions and/or concerns that are unanswered inside of you.  The Club is a private way to find peace, comfort and solutions on a monthly basis at an affordable reasonable rate.  It may give you insight to pathways and situations that are uncertain to you.  It may quiet thoughts that are disturbing you and creating anxiety. It may give you courage to face an illness that is impeding your lifestyle.  It will give you hope, peace and an alternative way of looking at situations. 

  • Monthly Spiritual Counseling via email keeps you focused on the changes you have decided to embrace by monthly
  • check ups on your progress;

  • Keeps you on track and continuously assist you in boldly embracing your new intentions for growth and spiritual development
  • Membership keeps you tuned up with awareness that each step towards the realization of your goals is vitally important because those steps are walking you towards your new aspirations.

    If traditional methods have not sparked the hope that lies within you, then detail and polish your Spirit monthly by joining the Exclusive Spiritual Discussion Club! A club with a higher purpose. 

Membership entitles you to a spiritual discussion via email (more fully described on the services page) once a month at a discounted rate with two options of payment as described below. 

Option 1 entitles members to a discounted rate of $75.00 per session  ($50.00 off standard pricing per session) in exchange for a one year membership which totals $900 for the year.  A savings of $600 from the standard price of  $1500.00 @ $125.00 per session.  This selection entitles you to membership paid on a month by month basis.  Payments will be due every month on the date of your first spiritual discussion for 12 consecutive months.  An Agreement setting forth the terms and conditions will be provided.  After the agreement is executed by both parties, a copy will be emailed or faxed to you along with an invoice for the first monthly installment totaling $75.00.  Payment of first month totaling $75.00 accepted via the PayPal button below.

Option 2 entitles members to even further discount rate (more than 50% discount off standard pricing of $125.00 per session).  This price is offered to members that pay in full for the entire year.  For a low cost of $700.00, a total savings of $800 from the standard price of $1500 @ $125.00 per session. 
A signed Agreement setting forth all terms and conditions will be provided.  In that agreement there will be a clause guaranteeing that I will provide the twelve sessions to you on a monthly basis at an agreed upon monthly date that will remain the same for the entire year.  After execution of the Agreement by both parties, a fully executed copy will be emailed or faxed to you along with an invoice for payment in full totaling $700.00.  Payment will be accepted via Paypal button below.



If you are feeling worn down and have not found relief or hope from traditional or conventional methods, consider the Exclusive Spiritual Discussion Club Membership which will entitle you to monthly consultations to soothe your mind, bring peace inside, give you a new perspective and change your direction.

Membership is limited and there are only a few membership slots available at this time.  When those two exclusive membership slots are filled, the Exclusive Spiritual Discussion Club will be closed to new members until more slots open up.  

**See what members are saying about the club.  Click on Club Testimony

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