Service Payments

There are separate tabs on this website for each service that will explain in detail each one.   See end of page on how to schedule your appointment.     The services offered:
  1. Chakra Balancing and Energy Cleansing with Crystal Light Chakra Healing Bed (includes a channeled message);
  2. Inner Energy Session (aura & energy field imaging) using Kirlian photography (includes an aura picture, in depth discussion about your energetic field and aura plus a 14 page report);
  3. Hypnotherapy (coming soon);
  4. Past Life Regression (coming soon);
  5. Spiritual Life Counseling (in person, telephone or email);
  6. Angel Card Readings (in person, email includes a channeled message);
  7. Pet Aura Photograph
  8. Ionic Foot Spa Detox
 How To Schedule Your Appointment for a Service

     Please request the service desired by email @ or using the Contact Me Form provided

     After appointment is confirmed, payments may be made through the Paypal button provided for email services.  If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to email me at  Thank you.

~All Services are offered on a donation basis for those in need.  No one is ever turned away.  Simply fill out the Contact Me Form and write donation in the subject.  Service for donations are based on trust and honesty so that I may be of service to many who may not otherwise be able to afford the gift of spiritual counseling.

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