Margaret N. Wynne, Beatrice Engrum, Mable Wynne, Ernest Wynne, Uncle Charles Wynne, Annis Mitchell, George Duncan, Aunt Louise Wynne, Aunt Betty Wynne, Uncle Charles Wynne, Uncle Ernest Wynne, Uncle Billy Wynne, Aunt Ruthie Wynne, Talike Robinson, Michael Orlando Dixon, Romalis G. Aguillar, Sonya Broyard, Jessica Downing , Grace Tyson, Uncle Kevin Lee, Daddy, My mother and father-in-law, Jeanne and Dempsey Dixon, Aunt Emma Wynne, Dot, Marcella Hays, Uncle Slim Hays, Aunt Mary Holland, Walter Holland, Aunt Pat Wynne, Berdie Gibbs, Theresa Gibbs, Uncle Gibby, Aunt Pearl, Wanda Bright, Frank Kelly, Micky Kelly, Nannie Kelly, Grease, Ellen Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. Paige, Buzzy, Phyllis Silvis,
beloved sister of Liz Crowley; Sam Tapp, Jim Nesbit, Lenore Maddox, Aunt Clara Maddox,  Dorothy Wynne, Spug Wynne, Lois Wynne, My godmother, Francis Paige

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